STOCK AND PRINT = You Design, We Print

Our “Stock and Print” option is for when you have your own design and we print your invitations (or ceremony programs, or menus, or place cards) in-house, right here in Sydney, making your pdf into a physical reality! We offer fast turnaround on production, quality cardstock and attention to detail.

But more than that, we also offer advice and suggestions for the best result. We have a Canva Pro account and a Templett account, so we know the platforms you use and can even help you out with our design knowledge if the printed version can be improved.

“I had the best experience at Fine Invitations. I needed invites for an event printed at the last minute as I was unhappy with prints I had received elsewhere. They helped to adjust the original design so that it would print out at a higher standard with the card I selected… and I was so pleased with the results.
Couldn’t recommend more”.


Stock and Print is fast growing in popularity. The range of designs available for you to customise in Canva or with an Etsy template is vast, and we can help you to produce actual invitations to send or give out to loved ones, which they’ll treasure so much more than an image on a phone. Once we see the pdf, we’ll be able to recommend the most suitable cardstock for printing your design.

Note: If you want us to design something for you, that’s our Design & Print range.

Our Stock and Print option, with fast turnaround, professional advice and quality digital printing will help you to create your dream wedding invitations. Whatever your style, we’ve got you covered.

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