Wishing Well or Gift Registry cards

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Bridal gift registry cards SydneyWhether couples have a bridal registry or wishing well, they want their guests to know the best and perhaps easiest way to give a gift. If you have set up a gift registry, a small card will often be provided with your occasion ID on it.

An alternative to a gift registry is a Honeymoon registry in which a travel agency will be nominated to organise a honeymoon fund. The card presents details of the person to contact at the travel agency. This is a simple way for the guests to make a monetary contribution to the couple’s honeymoon, rather than giving cash or a traditional gift.

Wishing well cards SydneyWedding detailsIn many cases, the couple will have a Wishing Well or something similar. This is very popular with couples who already have most of the household items they need. A Wishing Well card lets the guests know that there will be somewhere at the reception where they can place an envelope with money inside, in lieu of a gift-wrapped present.

In either case, you can have this type of message printed on:

  • the back of the invitation (80c-$1.60, depending how much other info is printed)
  • a small separate A7 size card, as in image below, ($1.60) or
  • A6 size card with other information ($2.10 single sided print).
    (Average prices quoted)


How to word it?

Although couples often worry about wording this correctly, guests are almost always happy to comply with the request. It makes life easy and they know that their financial contribution is welcomed gratefully.

The wording can be in the form of a little poem (just Google “Wishing Well wording” to see the variety), but some of these are rather contrived! It is advisable to suggest that if a guest prefers to give a traditional gift, it will be welcomed. In this way, you are making everyone comfortable with their choice and method of gift giving.

Suggestions for typical wording of gift registry/wishing well messages:

No gifts are necessary
Over the years we have been together, we have been lucky enough to acquire most of what we need to be comfortable, so no gifts are necessary. Instead, we will be having a wishing well. If you wish to make a contribution, it would be greatly appreciated and we would welcome a card to mark our memorable day.

Your presence is enough
Your presence at the wedding is the greatest gift of all. However should you wish to honour us with a gift, a contribution to our wishing well at the reception would be warmly received. If you would prefer to surprise us with something more personal, we are sure that whatever gift you choose will bring us years of joy.

Honeymoon Wishing Well
Dear Friends, we look forward to seeing you at the wedding! As you are aware, we already have most items to set up home. This is the reason for us choosing a wishing well. If you would like to spoil us, we would greatly appreciate your contribution to our honeymoon. At the reception there will be a card holder where we would love to receive your greeting card and well wishes.

Honeymoon registry
Your presence at our wedding celebration is gift enough. However, for those who would like to mark this special occasion with a gift, we have arranged a Bridal Registry with a travel agent for our honeymoon.

Keep it simple
All that we ask from you is that you join in celebrating our special day with us. However, if you decide on a gift, a contribution to our wishing well or a gift from our small registry would be warmly appreciated.

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