Condolence Thank You cards

Sympathy thank you cards SydneyOnce the funeral is over, you may want to send out Sympathy Thank You cards to thank everyone for their kindness and condolences during the difficult period you and your family have been through.

We have A6 size folded Thank You cards that are ideal for this, in white or ivory card (textured or matte, depending on whether you’re having just text or a photo), plus matching C6 envelopes. And the best part is, these are completely customisable.

We can print the cards in portrait or landscape orientation.

On the front, you can put your loved one’s name and dates of birth and death, add another line of text or a simple graphic like a cross or flower, or simply “Sincere Thanks”. We have a variety of fonts and print colours to choose from. We can print photos too (note that photos must be printed on matte or smooth card, not textured).

Condolence Thank You cards SydneyOn the inside, we can print a message that is specific to you.

You can have all your family members’ names included in the message if you wish – and again, it takes the stress out of having to fulfil this obligation if it’s already done for you.

We also have flat A6 cards with embossed borders (see above right) which can be used as Sympathy Thank You cards.

Prices are around $2.90 for fully printed cards plus blank envelopes, but are dependent on quantity.

Please contact us if you need more information or suggestions on how to customise them with personal messages to thank friends for their condolences.