Celebrations / Children’s events

There are so many occasions to celebrate in life! Of course there are adult birthdays, engagements, weddings, etc. Below are some of the many stationery items we’ve made for children’s big events:

  • baby shower invitations and games
  • birth announcements
  • baptisms/Christening/naming ceremony invitations
  • children’s birthday party invitations
  • barmitzvah and batmitzvah invitations
  • Thank you cards after kids events

Note that some of these were designed by the parents and all we did was print them out. You can get some amazing designs on Etsy or Canva, for example, which can be bought as a basic template for you to edit with your own details.​ If you’ve designed your own, and all you need is the printing, check out this page for prices and further information. Note that we have a Canva Pro and a Templett account and can help you if you find it tricky.

If we design for you, the cost depends on quantity, the cardstock you choose, the size of the cards, the complexity of the design and printing costs (single/double-sided).