Premium Range

With our Premium range, just as with any other invitation we’re creating for you, we work with you to perfect the design. But then, when it comes to production, all kinds of possibilities are opened up for you – different colours, different shapes, white ink digital printing on dark colours – arch shapes, wave shapes, sail shapes, all precision die-cut by our expert printery partners, whose attention to detail and perfectionism match our own!

“Would highly recommend Fine Invitations, their professionalism, advice and attention to detail helped turn our vision to a reality. We were so happy with the quality of our wedding stationery!”.


Digital printing that’s done elsewhere of course takes a little bit longer. But our trusted specialist partners can print onto so many different coloured cards, and they can also make those lovely curved shapes… we leave it in their expert hands for about a week, and when we receive the finished products, they are always flawless and guaranteed to be worth the wait!

We also entrust them with any work that requires white ink printing, as they have the correct equipment, not to mention years of experience, so you know it will be a perfect result.

The Premium Range is our “range of many options” and it allows couples to create beautiful, customised wedding invitations with a huge range of design possibilities: classic or contemporary – or a combination of both traditional and modern – to reflect the kind of people you are. Allow extra time and extra cost for those special shapes and colours, but you will be so glad you did! The results are always stunning! 

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