Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Letterpress invitations SydneyLetterpress is the ultimate in wedding stationery! Letterpress invitations are made on thick, luxurious cotton cardstock, with the text stamped deep into the cotton, creating a tactile piece which just emanates class and grandeur.
Click on any of the images to take a closer look at the letterpress impressions!

thick letterpress wedding invitations Sydney

We’re happy to announce that Fine Invitations now offers this prestigious service. The style of letterpress aligns perfectly with our motto: simple, classic, elegant! You can have a single colour or add interest with a second colour or texture with a “blind” impression (no colour). Just be aware that each different letterpress run is done separately and there are fees for those second runs.

wedding invitations letterpress detail

If you want a very heavy, thick card, 600gsm is the usual option. Letterpress sinks deep into the card!
A lighter option is 300gsm – still very luxurious cotton based card and still produces a nice deep impression. Sometimes people like to use the 600gsm for their invitations and this weight for the accessory cards (separate information cards).

invitations Sydney letterpress cotton

One limitation with letterpress invitations is that you can’t print your guests’ names on them. All the text is custom built into your die and therefore it will be the same for each piece. In most cases it will be generically worded. If you want personalising of guests’ names on letterpress invitations, you have to write the names on by hand, or use a calligrapher.

wedding invitations Sydney letterpress and print

Digital printing + letterpress is possible! In the example on the left you can see a graphic which has first been digitally printed on 300gsm cotton card, then the text has been letterpressed afterwards. The 300gsm card allows for colour to be introduced.

letterpress invitations sydney

Letterpress wedding stationery is super-luxurious and really makes a statement. There is nothing else quite like it! Letterpress printing is a specialist process which requires precision and expertise. It takes on average 10 business days longer than our in-house range and (depending on how much you want to spend) is best for orders of at least 60 or 70 letterpress invitations, due to set-up costs.

Contact us for a quote and let us design your beautiful letterpress wedding invitations! – phone (02) 8021 8151 or email us.

Options for bespoke foiled and letterpress invitations available – please contact us with your requirements.