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RSVP card and envelopewedding RSVP cardsRSVP (from the French Répondez S’il Vous Plaît) is the traditional way to request a response to your invitation. Some people are happy to put their RSVP details at the bottom or on the back of the invitation, while others prefer to include a separate card.

RSVP cards will usually have a place for the guests to write their names (you need to know whose response it is!), boxes to tick whether they will be able to attend and often a line to write any special dietary requirements. We can customise RSVP cards with extra boxes or information. Keep the instruction brief  – this card will be coming back to you.

Option 1: RSVP card & envelope set

Small flat card (A6 or 12cm square) plus matching blank envelope. Printed with RSVP details for guests to fill in and return.

These cards are printed on the same cardstock that is used for your invitations.

  • Average price is $3.20 per set with border, $3.00 per set without border, which includes small blank envelopes
  • Printing of return address on envelopes: $0.40 extra
Option 2: Postcard style

Sydney Wedding RSVP cardsThe postcard style RSVP is printed on an A6 size card (no border) with RSVP details on one side, return address on the other – no envelope is required.

Note that we don’t advertise the wedding date on this format, only a date by which to respond.

Average price is $2.60 each – dependent on quantity

These cards are printed on the same cardstock that is used for your invitations.
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