When are you open? Wed-Fri: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Sat: 10:00am – 1:00pm
Is there a minimum order?Yes, the minimum is 20 items (except for signs).
How much are your invitations?It depends which style you choose and how many you order, as well as extras you may want (such as personalising with guests’ names, printing of addresses on envelopes, ribbons, etc). All prices quoted are dependent on quantity, but average prices are here
What’s the turnaround?For most invitation jobs, generally 2 weeks maximum from payment of the deposit; we allow a week for the design and a week from sign-off of the proofs for production.
How far in advance should we send the invitations out?Approximately 6–8 weeks before the wedding. It can be earlier if people have to travel and especially if they will need to make accommodation arrangements.
Can you personalise our invitations with our guests’ names?Yes, we can print the guests’ names directly onto our invitations in a matching font.
Can you print the envelopes?Yes, we can print addresses directly onto the envelopes. We have a Guest List spreadsheet which we ask you to populate with information for our merge. Go to Downloads Page to download it.
Do we need extra postage for our invitations?Yes, if they’re square or A5 size, they’ll need $2.20 postage within Australia. You can get special wedding stamps at the Post Office.
Does it cost extra to print the text in colour? No, there is no extra cost for printing text in any flat colour on our own invitations, or even a combination of colours – for example the invitation text in black or charcoal and your names in a different colour. Image printing may incur extra fees. We don't print in silver, gold or any other metallic colour.
Can you print on the back of the invitation?Yes, and this is typically where further information can be provided for the guests. The additional cost is much less than having a separate information card, but we can do either.
Can we have a printed or patterned border?Our own Classic cards come pre-made with borders already on them, which makes life easier! We can print designs to fit inside them, such as corner motifs. But if you want a printed border or background, yes, we can definitely oblige.
We have done our own design – can you print it for us?The short answer is yes! The cost and speed of production depends on the design – the simpler, the better. If you send us a pdf we will be able to judge this right away. In general, if there is a lot of colour in the background, or the design goes to the edge of the card (full bleed), it will cost more. We have several types of cardstock with matching envelopes - smooth, textured and pure cotton - which also affect the price.
Can we buy your cards blank to print ourselves?Yes, on our online store. Please be sure to read the descriptions of the cards you wish to order.
Do you print on stock that we have bought elsewhere?No, we only print on our own stock.
Do you print in gold or silver? We can do digital gold, silver or rose gold, but the only stock that works for this is very smooth. Foil stamping can be organised for matte or textured cards.
Can we have our names in gold or silver foil?Yes, we can organise custom foiling, although it is not done on-site. As it's a specialist process, you have to allow for the creation of a custom die and for the actual foil stamping process. Please contact us for a quote. As an alternative, we have cards that come with gold or silver foiled borders (at no extra charge).
Can you custom emboss our initials?We can organise custom embossing although it is not done on-site. As it's a specialist process, you have to allow for the creation of a custom die and for the actual embossing process. Please contact us for a quote. As an alternative, we can print your initials, either as a small motif or a background watermark (at no extra charge).
Do you offer raised printing?Sorry, no.
Do you do letterpress invitations?No, but we can organise it for you, It takes about an extra 1-2 weeks. The minimum quantity for letterpress printing is 50 and it is advisable to order a lot more than you think you'll need. If you end up needing a few spares, the minimum of 50 still applies! You cannot have your individual guests' names done in letterpress o we usually design the invitation so that the message is generic.
Do you provide invitations with pockets for the extra cards? We have pockets that match our 15cm folded cards in textured ivory only (they also fit the A6 folded size in landscape orientation). We can provide the invitations with the pockets already assembled or you can buy them blank and attach them yourselves. Pockets are designed to hold multiple accessory cards, but bear in mind that you do have the alternative of printing extra information on the back of your invitation, and having an email address instead of an RSVP card!
Do you have any thicker card? The card that we print on cannot be more than about 350gsm, but we can organise mounting, which essentially means sticking cards together for double thickness using strong adhesive spray. We can also organise printing onto thicker card. Please contact us for a quote.
Can you do calligraphy?We have contacts for this on request.
Can you teach me how to tie the ribbons?Yes – we have set up a YouTube channel with videos for many DIY stationery jobs, including how to tie the ribbons yourself.
If I provide the ribbon, can you tie it?Yes, if we are printing the invitations for you.
Do we need an RSVP card?Not necessarily; many people nowadays put an email address and/or phone number as contact details at the bottom of the invitation, or on the back. Of course, we do provide RSVP cards (either as small card/envelope sets or postcard-style) if you need them.
Do you do different sized information cards?Yes, depending on how much information you need to give. Some information cards are as large as the invitations – others about half the size. We can print on one side or both – or we can print information on the back of the invitation. We can also do small gift registry/wishing well cards.
Do we come in to pick the invitations up or can you deliver?Most people collect their orders from our store. However, we can have them delivered if you’re unable to pick them up in person. Postage/courier fees apply (depending on the size of the order).
Do you pack and seal the envelopes when the job is finished?No, we pack the invitations and envelopes separately, in case there are any notes or other cards you may like to add to individual invitations prior to sending. All items are packed in order, as per your list.
Do you post them for us?Not usually, unless there are exceptional circumstances. We ask that customers post their own invitations.
How much is it for extras if we need them later?Extras are charged at exactly the same unit cost as the initial order, but you must order a minimum of 4 or 5 invitations for a subsequent batch (you may get some of them personalised and some blank). If you think you will only need a couple of spares, then it’s better to get a few blanks with your main order.
Do we order the place cards, menus etc. at the same time as the invitations?No, this is done at a date closer to the wedding. You’ll only have a clearer idea of who’s attending once you have received all responses back from the guests.
Can you print our place cards?Yes, very quickly! Just send us a list of your guests’ names. All names in a single column – any format will do. This can wait until about a week before the wedding and it's advisable to wait until the list is 100% finalised.
For the ceremony, do we provide one booklet per person?That is an individual decision. We would suggest that most couples would be willing to share, so it isn’t necessary. However, you do not want to leave yourselves short, so you should allow for spares. One booklet between three guests is unacceptable.
Is that your best price?All our quotes are carefully calculated and based on a number of factors. The quantity required is taken into consideration and if your order is eligible, a discount will already have been included in the price we quote. The ONLY way we can offer a lower price is for volume. Our products are good quality and we think they’re great value. There is no discount for cash payment.
Do you print business cards? Occasionally, even though it's not our usual service. You generally need a commercial printer for this.
Do you print personal stationery? Yes, we do – both headed notepaper and correspondence cards, with matching envelopes. If required, we can print the return address on the backs of the envelopes too. We can even organise raised printing if need be (extra fees apply and the service takes around 2 weeks longer).