Printing your design

Printing your own design

(or invitation design printing from a template bought online)

In today’s world, we have access to a huge range of designs from all around the globe, that we can buy online and download straight to our computers or mobile devices.

There are also those of you who have been able to create and design your own invitations.

In both these instances, you may then want the digital images to become physical, printed invitations that you can send out to your guests, in the traditional fashion! We specialise in invitation design printing.

Depending on the complexity of your requirements, we can:

  • print direct from your PDF onto our stock, single or double-sided
  • help you adjust the size, fonts or text of a pre-bought template
  • create an invitation and/or other cards with graphics you provide
  • trim pieces to the correct size
  • provide matching envelopes (standard Australian sizes!)
  • print your guests’ names and addresses on the envelopes

We have recommended cardstocks that we print on, and they are good quality – between 270 and 300gsm. The finish can be matte or textured depending on the design, and we’ll always be able to provide envelopes which match the card colour and texture. We also have a lighter cardstock (250gsm) in a smooth white or pale cream, which is another option.

If you send us an image of the design, the size(s) required and the number of pieces you need, we can tell you if it’s something we can help you with, and give you a quote. We might be able to print “as is” or perhaps you’ll need us to make some tweaks for you – but if we can make it work, we will!

Some designs are too complex for us to be able to produce, or have additional elements we can’t provide.

  • Unfortunately we do not do letterpress printing or white printing on dark card.
  • We don’t do custom embossing in-house, although we do have contacts who provide this specialist service, so we can organise it for you. 
  • Our motto is “Simple, Classic, Elegant” and we are committed to delivering stationery that reflects these qualities. 

For straightforward printing of text and/or graphics, we can generally produce an order within a week from sign-off, occasionally even more quickly, depending on our production schedule.