Order of Service booklets

Order of Service booklets

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Wedding church booklets SydneyOrder of Service booklets are the wedding programs that outline the church service or the civil ceremony when you get married.

Church booklets are a lovely way for your guests to follow your wedding ceremony, understand traditions and take home a keepsake of your special day.

We can provide stock, design, printing and assembly of these booklets, regardless of the number of pages. If you have done the layout yourselves, just supply us with the print-ready PDFs (make sure that the pages print out in the right order).

See below for the options available, including sample templates you can download.

Option 1: Order of Service booklets with a single sheet insert

Sydney wedding program printingSuitable for a brief service, garden wedding, civil ceremony or church service where you do not wish to list all responses, words of prayers, readings and hymns.

Templates to use:
OOS cover  PLUS  OOS template 1

On the first page as you open the booklet, we would usually suggest you list the bridal party and any other contributors: readers, ushers etc. The 2 centre pages will then outline the service – it may just be headings/subheadings, names of each part of the service and the people who are reading – in this way your guests can follow along without needing to read every word.

Price for hard cover plus 1 insert is around $4.00, depending on quantity ordered (minimum 20). The price includes all stock, printing, layout/formatting and assembly, and our turnaround from sign-off is usually around 2-3 business days.

Option 2: Order of Service booklets with hard cover and multiple pages

Sydney wedding Order of Service For a longer service or full Mass, it is important to list all the responses and words to hymns so you’ll need a longer booklet. These are usually a cover plus 2, 3 or more sheets of A4 (a sheet of A4 is folded in half and printed back-to-back, so you will get 4 booklet pages from each sheet).

It is not necessary to have one Order of Service booklet per person – most couples will share; however you should allow for a few extras (which of course is better than not having quite enough).


Templates to use:
OOS cover; PLUS one of the following, depending on the length of service:
OOS template 2 (7 pages),  OOS template 3 (11 pages)  OR  OOS template 4 (15 pages)

Prices for multiple page booklets are dependent on how many you order and how many pages there are inside, but the average is $5-$7, which includes layout, stock, printing, stapling and assembly. If you have a ribbon around the spines, that’s an additional cost. Turnaround is on average 2-3 business days from sign-off.

Option 3: Paper booklet (no cover)

Wedding programs SydneyIf you need to have the full ceremony printed out but don’t particularly want to have a hard cover for your booklet, a more cost-effective option is to have a “soft cover”, where the entire booklet is printed onto paper and stapled together.

We usually use quality 100gsm paper and it’s available in white, off-white or cream. However, we can use standard bright white 80gsm copy paper instead.

These booklets are printed on the front with the same details that we would print on a hard cover. This can include a graphic and/or a printed border.

Note: Photo printing is extra.

Templates to use:
paper OOS 2 sheets  OR  paper OOS 3 sheets  OR  paper OOS 4 sheets

The average cost for a paper booklet is $3.50-$5.50 (although it is dependent on quantity ordered and the number of pages). The price includes all stock, layout, printing and assembly. If you have a ribbon, that’s an additional cost. Turnaround is on average 2-3 business days from sign-off.

For simple “Order of Proceedings” cards instead of booklets, see here.

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