Order of Proceedings cards

“Order of Proceedings” cards

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simple wedding program cards SydneyThe simplest form of wedding program is an Order of Proceedings card. They’re particularly suitable for garden/beach/park locations.

These may be flat or folded – they are essentially just a “running order” for the ceremony and will generally list only the headings of the different stages of the service, so that people can follow along.

They will also typically include the names of the people who are participating (the celebrant and the bridal party), and a message of thanks to those who have contributed in some way to the day (parents, friends, other family members).

Folded wedding program cards Sydney

Sample templates for you to download:
DL flat Order of Proceedings card
A5 flat Order of Proceedings card
A4 folded OOS card 

Average prices for Order of Proceedings cards:
Flat DL card, printed both sides: $2.70
Flat A5 card, printed both sides: $2.90
Folded A4 card, printed front, inside and back: $3.80

For wedding programs with multiple pages (Order of Service booklets) with or without a hard cover, see here

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